Thank your for reviewing the rental policies. Please note that these are general policies which apply on most of the properties listed on this site. However each individual owner determines their own rules and policies which apply for their cabin.These policies are put in place to ensure a positive relationship and respect for all guests, neighbours, and owners of the vacation homes and cottages. Policies have been developed in correspondence and conjunction with vacation home rental companies, within Canada and the United States.

Booking Policies:

Bookings and Payment:

Varies with each individual owner. Typically a deposit of $500.00, or 50%, is due within 30 days of making your reservation. After booking, the cancellation policy applies. The balance of the rental amount is typically due one month prior to arrival.

Damage Deposit:

A damage deposit is typically required. The amount varies dependant on the vacation home you are renting, and is typically 50% of the weekly rental rate.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Date of making reservation to 61 days prior to arrival: $200 booking fee
  • 31-60 days before arrival: The full deposit is non-refundable unless the property is re-rented, at which time a full refund is given, less a $200 booking fee
  • 30 days or less: the full rental amount is non-refundable unless the property is re-rented, at which time a full refund is given, less a $200 booking fee

Minimum Stay:

  • September through June: Minimum stay is 3 nights
  • July and August: Minimum stay is one week.
  • Christmas/New Year’s holidays: Minimum stay is 5 nights

Conditions of Occupancy:

  1. Occupancy: Rates are typically based on a group or family of 4 – 8 persons, dependant on the size of the rental unit. This is indicated in each rental listing. Any additional persons, including children, will be charged $50 per person. All guests must be registered with the owners prior to arrival.
  2. Maximum occupancy: All cabins and vacation homes are subject to a maximum occupancy limit, determined by the number of beds in the rental unit.
  3. Unregistered guests: Any occupants not registered with the owners and/or over the maximum occupancy limit, will be considered just cause for immediate removal and loss of your rental amount.
  4. Pets: Pets are not permitted on the properties unless the property is classified as a Pet Friendly property. There is typically a $50 fee, per pet, per week..
  5. Visitors: There is a limit to four visitors for a maximum 4 hour period, a maximum two times per week. Visitors are not permitted between the hours of 10pm and 7am, and must abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the owners. Any exceptions must be authorized by the owners due to the extra demands on water and septic systems, and out of respect for our neighbours.
  6. Right to Enter Property: The owners and/or their area contact person(s) and maintenance staff have the authority to enter the property and/or the unit. Common reasons for entering the property include, but are not limited to, maintenance, grounds keeping, garbage pick-up, hot tub maintenance and concierge services.


  1. Property use: Guests must follow all laws, bylaws, campfire bans, rules and regulations. Illegal activities are just cause for immediate eviction.
  2. Tents and RVs: No tents, trailers, RVs or other temporary accommodations are permitted on the property unless arranged with the owners.
  3. Smoking: All properties are NO SMOKING. Please do not smoke inside, or within 10 feet of the cabin or vacation home, especially if windows or doors are open. All cigarette butts must be disposed of in an ashtray, however most owners do not provide ashtrays, so please bring one with you if you smoke. Please be aware that our area is exposed to a high risk of forest fire due to pine beetle in the area – use extreme caution with cigarettes. Littering around the property will result in a minimum $100 fine. Smoking inside the vacation home will result in a fee to cover deep cleaning of the residence, and also being blacklisted from future rentals.
  4. Quiet hours: 10pm – 8am Please note that the Cariboo Region is family oriented, and are most of our vacation homes are in residential areas. Please take great care to respect the neighbours in the area. All music should not be audible to neighbouring properties, even during daytime hours. Any behavior that may constitute a nuisance is prohibited and can result in ejection. NO PARTIES.
  5. Phones: Please note the availability of a phone in the amenities listing specific to each vacation home. Phones are typically blocked from long distance calling, however, if for some reason, a call is placed that results in charges, you will be charged to cover the expenses. Please bring a calling card for your use.
  6. Campfires: Due to the extreme risk of forest fires in this area, resulting from dry weather and pine beetles, please take great care with your campfire. Do not leave campfires unattended at any time. Fires must be kept to a reasonable size (18 inches maximum height and 1-3 pieces of firewood), and be burnt in the designated campfire area. Campfires must be completely extinguished before being left unattended. All campfire bans must be honoured.
  7. Firearms: Guests are not permitted to discharge any firearms on the property. This includes pellet and BB guns.
  8. Fireworks: Due to the high risk of forest fires in our area, please do not set off fireworks during your stay.
  9. ATV’s, snowmobiles and motorbikes: The Cariboo is a fantastic area for trail riding, with hundred’s of kms of trails to explore. Please be aware that BC law prohibits unlicensed vehicles from using roadways to access trails. In some areas, there are trails directly from our properties. In this case, renters are permitted to depart from the property. However, riding any motorized vehicle around the rental property, or in and out of the property on a regular basis (ie. more than once per hour), is strictly prohibited and constitutes a nuisance.
  10. Septic Systems: All units are on septic systems. Please use the toilet system for human waste and toilet paper only. Do not use it for the disposal of garbage, sanitary napkins, diapers, tampons, etc. If a home has laundry facilities available, please be aware that bleach is not permitted.
  11. Use of the Property: All use of the property is at your own risk. Cariboo Cabins, the property owner and respective agents are not liable for damages or losses arising in any way out of the occupation of the property.